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Drum & Bass, Dubstep, and Hip Hop producer from the USA. Be on the look out for a new album Exterminatus full of Nerofunk and Dubstep. In the game since '97.
Wed Jul 30
#beer #southbound #scatteredsunset

#beer #southbound #scatteredsunset

Mon Jul 7


I have no idea why some person that I have never met would do this to me. Today I was at work getting ready to clock in and get started for the day. Another person that works with me saw me outside smoking and came to talk to me. I was in sleepy and a bit groggy. They came up to me and told me that my mom died. More on that later.

My mom and I have not spoken in years. It’s a very long sorted tale. To be short, she is very sick and a drug addict. We had a falling out when I had no choice but to call the police on her for her own safety. She was in the freezing cold with a broken arm and high. She did not have the right clothes for the weather and could have died that night. I was no place close as I lived out of state. I knew that I could not get to her in time. I had to call the police. I knew they would pick her up. She had warrants for drug charges. At least with this she would be out of the cold and get checked up for the broken arm. Needless to state after that we did not speak again for years.

Fast forward to today. I got this shocking news that my mother passed away. Then they tell me that it was over a year ago. I went crazy! I had no idea what to do. So I talked to a manager and they could not excuse the absence. I was floored! I know that I have taken 2 days off in the last six months for deaths of friends. But wow! So I called and reported my absence to the hotline and left for the day. I spoke with some friends at work and left to ride up the street to my wife’s job. I needed help. There was so much to do! I needed to find out so much information and I needed support.

We start digging, google, newspapers, medical examiners office, vital records, police in her town. There was no information. At this point she could be alive or a Jane Doe someplace. Failing all else u was able to track down my sister who I have little contact with also. and I spoke with her to find out anything she might know.

To my surprise, she was living with my sister as soon as there weeks ago! Granted they have not spoken for three weeks, so I am still not 100% sure that she is ok. My sister gave me a number to check on her that did my answer or have voicemail. My sister is going to go to my mom’s new apartment tonight to check on her. So I will at least know if she is ok.

In closing, who the fuck does stuff like say that someone is dead without proof!

I wanna throw heavy things at this person’s face when I see them.

Thu Jul 3
I got bedroom eyes for @janwicked

I got bedroom eyes for @janwicked

Sun Jun 1

#roadtrip to see my homie Iron Mike. #bittersweet #weather #edmlife (at Jekyll Island)

Fri May 30

Life update.

I’m feeling so lost right now. One of my best friends is on life support after a heart attack. He has been on the ventilator for over two weeks without improvement. I just found out that the plan is to take him off the ventilator.

This DJ, this man, this producer has touched my life in so many ways. DJ Mike J is true super star. Never have I ever heard of anyone who was as dedicated to EDM as he was.

As a person with Muscular Dystrophy, he lived a very full life. I have seen him do so much! He used to drag crates of vinyl and anvil cases with turn tables upstairs. Pack down all of gear and not ask for help. Keep in mind he did all of this while he should have been using a cane to walk! No missed cue points, no bad mixes, no bad tunes, and on time cross fades. It makes me sick that he never got the shot that he deserved. You see super stars playing prerecorded sets at huge festivals and he did not get a shot. It’s madness. He has supported the music by buying it, making it and playing it. Still he did not get a shot. He knew why. We all know why. Everyone looked at him differently. Sure he had a cane and a powerchair. That has nothing to do with how well he mixed or the tunes he selected. The tunes and the mix make the DJ. Not the failing body that he had.

In addition to all of the above. He was a great friend. The parties we went to! The beer that we drank! Oh the amazing times we had. One of the most amazing times was just home coming to dinner at my house. Now this may seem mundane and bland. Not for Mike J. Mike J was in a powerchair by this time. I had steps to get in my house. He said no problem. I offered to carry him up. He said, “No you have a bad back”. This dude crawled up the stairs to come have dinner with me. How do you express the feeling that gives you as a friend? That’s amazing that a friend would do that for me. Man I can’t even get most of my friends and family to like my Facebook page. This dude crawled up stairs with late stages of Muscular Dystrophy for me. Still it is one of the best time we ever had laughing and drinking that day.

I love you Mike J.

Gods Speed my friend,

Ric Dolore


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Good morning! It’s a beautiful day. Shame to be working inside all day. #edm #edmlife #producer #drumstep #dnb #dnb4life #dnbfamily #bass #music  (at eBay Enterprise Brunswick)

Good morning! It’s a beautiful day. Shame to be working inside all day. #edm #edmlife #producer #drumstep #dnb #dnb4life #dnbfamily #bass #music (at eBay Enterprise Brunswick)

Mon May 19

Devastate - Bent (Original Mix) by Ric_Dolore

Fri May 16
Got my purple on today for #lupus. Support research!

Got my purple on today for #lupus. Support research!